Dialogue Prompt: 2 Players

P1   “You can’t just walk in like you own the place! There are rules.”

P2   “Relax, nobody saw me.”

P1   “If I could see who knows who else seen you.”

P2   “Stop trippin’. I got the stuff. Let’s go.”

P1   “I’m just saying, you always gotta be the one to overdo stuff.”

P2   “And you’re the one who’s always paranoid.”

P1   “I gotta be paranoid, so we don’t get caught!”

P2   “And if we do get caught, it’ll be because you’re always scared.”

P1   “I don’t cave anymore. Stop rappin’.”

P2   “Ite Holmes, take me to the trap.”

P1   “Ite, I’m a come get you in 1 hour.”

P2   “Bet. I’m a call your phone in 45 minutes.”

P1   “Bet!”

P2   “Bet!”


Teaching Writing…WOW!!!

Ok, I have to get my students writing. I am utilizing Tumblr to find interesting writing prompts.  Here are a few examples of dialogue prompts and the creative and fantastic writing that emerged!!!

Thank you Tumblr Prompt Blogs (hourlywritingpromptscreativepromptsforwriting,


P1   “I am calm. I am nothing but calm all the time.” 

P2   “No you’re not! You’re 15 seconds away from starting a fight at anytime.”

P1   “I’m cool. I’m just irritated.”

P2   “You can’t let someone get you to that point.”

P1   “I’m just annoyed at how many people were in line and all the confusion up front.”

P2   “You’re right. It was packed and it was too much going on.”

P1   “I’m not coming to this store no more after today.”

P2   “Yep, you ready to get something to eat?”

P2   “Yea, I want some carry out.”

Encouraging Creative Writing

This is the post excerpt.


Teaching English in high school is a daunting task. Let’s share creative ideas.

Thank you Tumblr Prompt Blogs (hourlywritingpromptscreativepromptsforwriting,